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  • Red White & Blue

    Some say Dark complexion women with gaps should never wear Red ,White & Blue eye shadow . I must say when I saw the article 5 years ago well..me being dark complexion & a very confident Woman Of Color immediately thought to myself ‘ I Know They Didn’t ‘ Independence Lives within! When I was […]

  • Celebrating 7K Total Plays!

    That’s right ! Today SweetladyLove’s House Of Love gracefully celebrates 7K Total Plays . Now, this to some might not mean much but it means the world to our Beautiful Host & Podcast Owner SweetladyLove! She has worked so hard & continues to show up & shine in all that she pursues ! Special Words […]

  • Happy Independence Day!

    This 4th of July, we’re celebrating the principle upon which SweetladyLove House Of Love & Spreadshop was founded: self-expression. So come on and & let your Stars Shine Bright! America my home ! The Land I Love.. has proven time and time again that we have the power, courage & strength to overcome any obstacle […]

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