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  • Watch “Mental Health Jam Zone” on YouTube

    My Mental Health Playlist -Food & Me Music 🎶 moves , grooves & soothes my soul. So I cook while jamming to my Mental Health Playlist. I’ll never let Mental Health Issues declare success over me. Find what you enjoy doing and never be afraid to be like Nike and Just -Do – It! While […]

  • Fear of sexual intercourse? Solutions to deal with sex phobia

    Can’t find the time to have sex? Are you looking for excuses because you are tired or tired? Do you force yourself so as not to make your partner feel bad? Do you have too many things in your head and you do not concentrate? Is your sex not as wonderful as the media shows you? Fear of sexual […]

  • Busy busy busy

    Wake up.. Freshen up.. Get children up.. Clean up.. Make food.. Wash clothes.. Etc. Etc. Etc. So much to be done and it feels like it’s not enough hours in the day. Something will more than likely be forgotten, something might not get done perfectly… Did I remember to breathe? Did I find a moment […]

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